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Family Law


The decision to adopt is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and you need the right advocate by your side.  Florida law establishes a process for step parent adoptions, adoptions by close relatives, adult adoptions and open adoptions.  We have facilitated several adoptions in same-sex marriage or partnerships, and and helped individuals […]


Who gets to live in the house during the divorce?

You’re thinking about filing for divorce but you don’t know what your rights are with regard to remaining in the marital home during the divorce?  Or you want to know if you can get your spouse out of the home during the divorce?  The short answer is that neither party can be forced to move […]


Parenting after Divorce

I’m Mary McDaniel.  If you’re divorcing with children, you’ll be co-parenting until your kids are grown.  You may be attending the same sports events, graduations, and even weddings over the course of your children’s lives. At a minimum, you will be sharing parental responsibility which means that you and your former spouse must communicate about […]

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