Testimonials From Our Clients

"Mary is an excellent example of a true professional. She is honest, straightforward, and has integrity. She was well prepared for my case and helped me with my nerves by making sure I was prepared as well. I will recommend her in the future." - Shauna, www.avvo.com

"I hired Mrs.McDaniel to be my divorce lawyer a few months ago. I've never needed a lawyer before and was nervous about the entire process, but Mrs. McDaniel and Kimberly, her paralegal, made me feel very comfortable from the first moment I met them. They stay on top of the mountains of paperwork, answer all of my questions, and explain the processes in a way that I can understand them. In addition to that, they are both nice, caring, and seem to have good attitudes. I'm sure they both stay very busy, but with every interaction that I've had with them, I have felt like I was their only client. Recently, we went to the first hearing. I was very anxious about this but found out that I had no reason to be. Mrs. McDaniel was very professional, prepared, and competent. I was amazed with her during the entire hearing. I'm confident that with her I will get the best possible outcome throughout the whole process. I would recommend her to anybody." - RayLyLy, www.avvo.com

"As many people know, going through a divorce can be a miserable time in a person's life. This was especially true for my life. Ms. McDaniel was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, she protected my interest and actually cared about my case. I consulted with 4-5 attorneys during my divorce and actually hired one of the most expensive attorneys in the area thinking I would end with the best result. Well, that was far from the case. I terminated my attorney and ended up hiring Mary. She helped reduce tensions on both sides and ended up resolving what appeared was going to be a 1-2 year battle in 5 months. Thank you for helping me through this very difficult time in my life!! I would recommend this law firm to any of my friends and family!!" - Kory,www.avvo.com

"Mary handled my divorce after a 17-year marriage. She fought tirelessly to ensure the children and I would have a secure future. I chose Mary for her compassion and drive, knowing she would handle my case as if we were her own family. She didn't give up or give in and made sure every detail was tended to. Her honesty and realism helped me push forward during such a difficult time. Thank you Mary for everything. I will always be grateful." - Client, www.avvo.com

"MGM Law has truly been an answer to prayer for me. My divorce dragged on and on and started becoming ugly - much to my personal chagrin - when a coworker told me about MGM Law and how wonderfully he was treated during his divorce. I'd been married to my son's dad for 22 years. There are so many emotions tied to decisions that had to be made. I'm not very good at making decisions to protect myself. Thankfully, Mary (Kimberly and Bailee as well) helped me see the big picture of things so that I could make good decisions that will affect my son. Mary didn't push for me to take "everything he has," she only discussed doing the best to support my son and I and that made all the difference in the world to me. Thank you all so very much for your guidance, efforts, and the tissues! :)" - Bridget, www.avvo.com

"Ms. McDaniel genuinely cares for her clients, and more importantly for the children involved in custody cases. They have, and always should, come first. She has been my attorney for a few years now, and I cannot thank her enough for her hard work ensuring that I always maintain my custody rights to my child. Mary and her staff are prompt in responding to any questions or concerns, and have done so with respect and empathy. I highly recommend Ms. McDaniel for child custody cases." - Keith,  www.avvo.com

"After struggling with custody issues I felt so desperate, I spoke with many “big dog” attorneys in the area - so tired of the big dog attitude, I just wanted someone who at least acted like they cared! I hit the jackpot, not only did she act like she cared she absolutely made me feel cared about. She was professional and caring and very supportive. I was so relieved and shocked to have been able to find her. I drove away feeling relieved and knowing I had someone who cared and on my side." - Sandee, www.avvo.com

"I recently contacted and spoke with Ms. McDaniels about my case. She showed good character and fairness. Ms. McDaniels Is an up front honest attorney with a tactful and sincere attitude. I can tell she does not mess around and that’s exactly what I need." - Jill, www.avvo.com

"Mary is Awesome !! I explained my situation to Mary, she listened with patience and a caring heart. Mary assured me that everything would be fine. Mary communicated with me frequently about the progress and the resolution of which I can say is turning out to be excellent. I would strongly recommend Mary McDaniel for her dedicated concern of your legal problems, for her patience to listen and for her strength of conviction to resolve your legal issue. I am so very glad to be represented by Mary McDaniel!" - Howard, www.avvo.com

"After a fair amount of research I came to the conclusion that Ms.McDaniel was the most qualified for me to take my divorce case to. My soon to be ex-wife was taking advantage of me financially and borderline abusing our animals. I needed out immediately. Ms.McDaniel was stellar in how quickly she got all of my paperwork lined up and processed. She and her team arranged it so all I had to do was sign some paperwork that had been served to my soon to be ex-wife. I had no issues throughout the process and thought every fee was extremely fair. She and her practice went above and beyond and even helped me to take care of my pets. I would highly recommend her for a swift and professional experience! As an active duty military member this has been some of the best legal treatment I've encountered during my service. I would rate higher than 5 stars if able." - Casey, www.avvo.com

"Ms. McDaniel knew just what to do. I was in a custody mess. She stepped in and quickly took every step necessary to keep my family from falling apart. She was financially reasonable and treated me like I was her top priority. She kept me informed every step of the way. She is the only one I will ever trust to handle my legal needs. Hands down the best attorney ever!" - Jamie, www.avvo.com

"I had met Mary through a friend by chance while eating lunch in Pensacola. Time and time again this friend had spoken very highly of Mary, though having no personal experience with her legal work. After my reluctant introduction (Due to the embarrassment of my case) I was awestruck by the intense passion Mary expressed not for business, but for level of humanity, compassion and empathy that her line of work provided her a vessel for. She took on my pending DUI case with such a ferocity, that had I not witnessed the genuine manner in which she spoke, I would not have taken seriously. With an above and beyond mentality, she not only lifted me out of my legal slump but my personal and emotional deficit as well. Mary provided a level of comfort and reassurance I have never experienced from an attorney. A quite refreshing experience. And she followed through with a personally inspiring amount tenacity, communication and sincerity. Needless to say, I am thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of my case. I can now move on with a level of positivity and confidence that I acquired from the most unexpected of places. A million thanks, Mary. The world needs more people like you." - Austin, www.avvo.com

"Super Helpful, Knowledgeable, Personable, and Responsive." - Audrey,www.avvo.com

"In my search for a divorce lawyer, I did quite a bit of research and narrowed down my choices. I had a few consultations with other lawyers, but I didn't commit. After speaking with Mary McDaniel, I knew my search was over. I felt a good vibe immediately and was confident that she had the right mix of caring for her client and being knowledgeable and fiery enough to get results. I hired Mary knowing she had my best interests in mind, and I recommend you do the same." - Richard C., www.avvo.com

Ms. McDaniel has been an excellent attorney for me and for my case. My husband of 31 years walked out on me May 31, 2016. In March of 2016, he had coerced me along with my 3 adult children into signing a post-nuptial agreement that signed my rights away to everything that we had except for my retirement. This came to approximately 94% of all of our numerous assets. I met with Mary and she was very honest and told me this would be a difficult case but she was willing to fight with me. Finally, in April of this year, our case was heard and the marital settlement was thrown out by the judge. Ms. McDaniel was very prepared and put my husband's attorney to shame. I would recommend her because she fights for her clients and goes above and beyond. And, she listens and cares for her clients. Her office staff is supportive and I know I have been persistent at times but they have never shown frustration and have always helped me through any crisis I had at the time. My case is not resolved yet but the worst part is over and now our assets can be divided fairly because of Ms. McDaniel's hard work and her fight for what was right. I am so grateful for Ms. McDaniel." - Eileen, www.avvo.com

"There's something about Mary in Pensacola! I would only recommend Mary G. McDaniel for anyone searching for an attorney. I was apprehensive to hiring an attorney until I hired Ms. McDaniel. She was very professional and really listened to my case. I felt very confident in her taking my case and was very pleased with the final result. She responded promptly to my questions while working on my case. She is a very confident and a very knowledgeable attorney. Mary truly cares about your case. Would recommend Mary G. McDaniel, MGM Law." - I.M., www.avvo.com

"Ms. McDaniel embodies a level of professionalism that is unique in Pensacola. She helped me and my kid through an extremely difficult time and has since become a good friend. Most important, she is an excellent attorney. I recommend her without reservation!" - Client

"More than just giving excellent legal guidance through my split, custody and child support issues, Mary McDaniel helped me keep my perspective and approach everything with my child's best interest in mind. It can be difficult when you're dealing with an ex to separate your (furious) relationship feelings from the task of co-parenting. Mary helped me reach a fair agreement and set a positive tone for co-parenting in the future. I'm sure there will be disagreements as time goes on, but that we were able to put acrimony aside through the immediate legal proceedings sets the stage for success. I learned a lot through the process and am thrilled with the end result, and that is all to Mary's credit." - Client
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