“I had met Mary through a friend by chance while eating lunch in Pensacola. Time and time again this friend had spoken very highly of Mary, though having no personal experience with her legal work. After a my reluctant introduction (Due to the embarrassment of my case) I was awestruck by the intense passion Mary expressed not for business, but for level of humanity, compassion and empathy that her line of work provided her a vessel for. She took on my pending DUI case with such a ferocity, that had I not witnessed the genuine manner in which she spoke, I would not have taken seriously. With an above and beyond mentality, she not only lifted me out of my legal slump but my personal and emotional deficit as well. Mary provided a level comfort and reassurance I have never experienced from an attorney. A quite refreshing experience. And she followed through with a personally inspiring amount tenacity, communication and sincerity. Needless to say, I am thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of my case. I can now move on with a level of positivity and confidence that I acquired from the most unexpected of places. A million thanks, Mary. The world needs more people like you.”- Austin https://www.avvo.com/

“Super Helpful, Knowledgeable, Personable, and Responsive.”

– Audrey https://www.avvo.com/

“In my search for a divorce lawyer, I did quite a bit of research and narrowed down my choices. I had a few consultations with other lawyers, but I didn’t commit. After speaking with Mary McDaniel, I knew my search was over. I felt a good vibe immediately and was confident that she had the right mix of caring for her client and being knowledgeable and fiery enough to get results. I hired Mary knowing she had my best interests in mind, and I recommend you do the same.”

– Richard C., Shalimar, Florida, https://www.avvo.com/

“There’s something about Mary in Pensacola! I would only recommend Mary G. McDaniel for anyone searching for an attorney. I was apprehensive to hiring an attorney until I hired Ms. McDaniel. She was very professional and really listened to my case. I felt very confident in her taking my case and was very pleased with the final result. She responded promptly to my questions while working on my case. She is a very confident and a very knowledgeable attorney. Mary truly cares about your case. Would recommend Mary G. McDaniel, MGM Law.”

– I.M., Pensacola, Florida, Pensacola, Fla. https://www.avvo.com/

“Ms. McDaniel embodies a level of professionalism that is unique in Pensacola. She helped me and my kid through an extremely difficult time and has since become a good friend. Most important, she is an excellent attorney. I recommend her without reservation!”

– Client

“More than just giving excellent legal guidance through my split, custody and child support issues, Mary McDaniel helped me keep my perspective and approach everything with my child’s best interest in mind. It can be difficult when you’re dealing with an ex to separate your (furious) relationship feelings from the task of co-parenting. Mary helped me reach a fair agreement and set a positive tone for co-parenting in the future. I’m sure there will be disagreements as time goes on, but that we were able to put acrimony aside through the immediate legal proceedings sets the stage for success. I learned a lot through the process and am thrilled with the end result, and that is all to Mary’s credit.”

– Client

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