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How do Step-Children Factor into a Divorce?

Do you have step-children? Are you considering a divorce? If so, you’re not alone. According to recent research, 42% of American adults have at least one step-relative (a step-parent, step-sibling, or a stepchild). What’s more, there are about 11.6 million stepchildren in the U.S. Unfortunately, these stepchildren can quickly become unintentional victims when their parents […]

Divorce Family Law Law Parenting

Why is Getting a Divorce so Emotionally Difficult?

Divorce: even when it’s needed, right, had-to-happen, been-too-long-in-the-making, it’s hard. And for good reason: getting divorced can mean uprooting your entire life, turning your social and personal relationships inside out, interrupting the routine for your kids, and disrupting everything for a long time. It’s emotionally difficult. There’s no way around it. While it’s impossible to […]

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