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How Are Assets Divided in a Divorce in Florida?

If you’re considering a divorce, you’re likely worried about the division of your marital assets. In other words, who gets what? It’s no secret that divorce has far-reaching financial implications, but figuring out how things break down can be more challenging than you’d imagine. In this post, we’ll discuss how Florida divorce law regards marital property, and what you should know before you […]

Divorce Family Law Law

I’ve Just Been Served Divorce Papers – What Now?

Being served divorce papers is not something anyone wants to experience. Unfortunately, it happens to about 787,251 couples each year. If you’ve recently received divorce papers, hopefully you had an inkling your marriage was on the rocks. While getting divorce papers is never easy, it’s less painful if it’s not a complete shock. No matter what your circumstances may be, getting divorced is […]


Pensacola Divorce Lawyer Mary G. McDaniel Now Offering Collaborative Law Divorce Representation for a Faster and Less Contentious Divorce

Pensacola, FL. – Pensacola Divorce Lawyer Mary G. McDaniel recently announced that she has added Collaborative Divorce to her existing Family Law Practice in Pensacola, FL. Collaborative law is growing rapidly in popularity across the country in response to the high financial and emotional cost of traditional divorce litigation. The concept of Collaborative Divorce aligns […]

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