How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Planning a Divorce?

spouse is planning a divorce
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How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Planning a Divorce?

When we stand at the altar and say “I do,” none of us are thinking about divorce. Unfortunately, divorce happens, and it happens frequently. In 2016 alone, 2.2 million couples got married in the U.S. During that same year, 827,261 couples divorced or got an annulment.

While it takes two people to get married, it only takes one to decide to get divorced. Even if you think the marriage is going well, your spouse may have other ideas. So, how can you tell if your spouse is planning a divorce? And what can you do to be prepared?

Here’s what you need to know:

5 Signs Your Spouse is Planning a Divorce

Lately, you feel like something is just off. Your spouse isn’t acting like him or herself, and you’re wondering what’s going on. If you notice any of these five signs, it could be an indication that divorce is on the horizon:

1. They mention divorce when you fight

In any healthy relationship, the D-word is off-limits. Most people know not to mention divorce unless they’re serious about the possibility since doing so will wound their spouse. If your spouse starts mentioning divorce during every minor fight or disagreement, be wary. This could be a sign they’re considering ending the marriage.

2. They make big life decisions without you

If your spouse has started to make big money, travel, or lifestyle decisions without you, it could mean they’re planning a divorce. In a strong relationship, these are joint decisions. When one person goes out on their own, though, it’s an indication that the partnership has faltered.

3. They’re full of contempt

When it comes to marriage, contempt is one of the so-called “four horsemen.” If you notice that your partner suddenly scoffs at you, makes cruel jokes at your expense, roll their eyes, or feels generally contemptuous around you, it’s a major sign that divorce may be on the horizon.

4. They keep secrets

Your once-forthcoming spouse is suddenly locked down tighter than Fort Knox. What’s going on? While everyone is entitled to privacy in their relationships, secret-keeping is a problematic sign. In addition to being a possible sign of impending divorce, it may also mean your spouse is hiding something big – like money problems or an affair.

5. They suddenly start hiding money

If your spouse has suddenly changed the way they handle the household finances, they could be gathering resources to pay for divorce proceedings. They may also be trying to squirrel away assets to keep themselves afloat after they end the marriage.

Preparing for a Separation

If your spouse is planning a divorce, there may not be much you can do to stop it. Since separation and divorce can be such trying times, it’s wise to find a divorce attorney you can count on. Here at MGM Law, our team of Pensacola divorce attorneys will work with you to help you navigate this difficult situation, protect your assets, and keep your life moving forward.

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