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MGM Law, P.A. has been caring for families in Pensacola and the surrounding areas since 2014. Whether you need help beginning divorce proceedings or modifying an existing final judgment of marriage or child support, we can guide you through the process. Mary McDaniel and her team are committed to achieving the best result for each and every client. All of our clients benefit from our commitment to optimizing the processes and procedures available to attorneys in moving cases as quickly through the judicial system as possible. If your case is one that can be resolved outside the courts, Mary will advise you of those options. When a case can be resolved through mediation, negotiation, or collaboratively, rather than going to court, it will be. If your case can only be resolved at trial, be assured that you will be aggressively represented.

Testimonials from former clients

"Mary is Awesome!! I explained my situation to Mary, she listened with patience and a caring heart. Mary assured me that everything would be fine. Mary communicated with me frequently about the progress and the resolution of which I can say is turning out to be excellent. I would strongly recommend Mary McDaniel for her dedicated concern of your legal problems, for her patience to listen and for her strength of conviction to resolve your legal issues. I am so very glad to be represented by Mary McDaniel!" - Howard,

"After a fair amount of research I came to the conclusion that Ms.McDaniel was the most qualified for me to take my divorce case to. ...I would highly recommend her for a swift and professional experience! As an active duty military member this has been some of the best legal treatment I've encountered during my service. I would rate higher than 5 stars if able." - Casey,

"Ms. McDaniel knew just what to do. I was in a custody mess. She stepped in and quickly took every step necessary to keep my family from falling apart. She was financially reasonable and treated me like I was her top priority. She kept me informed every step of the way. She is the only one I will ever trust to handle my legal needs. Hands down the best attorney ever!" - Jamie,

"After struggling with custody issues, I felt so desperate. I spoke w many “big dog” attorneys in the area, so tired of the big dog attitude, I just wanted someone who at least acted like they cared! I hit the jackpot, not only did she act like she cared she absolutely made me feel cared about. She was professional and caring and very supportive. I was so relieved and shocked to have been able to find her. I drove away feeling relieved and knowing I had someone who cared and on my side." - Sandee,

Collaborative Family Law in Pensacola

Mary McDaniel and the family law team at MGM Law, P.A. take the time to understand your situation thoroughly — not just where you are now, but your history and goals for the future.

At your initial meeting with Mary, she will explain the collaborative process to you and together you can decide which process is right for you.

Collaborative law is dedicated to helping families resolve disputes without resorting the judicial system. The process enables separating spouses to divorce or modify child support or timesharing in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

The process is both confidential and transparent within the team. Each party is represented by a collaboratively trained attorney, and all negotiations are facilitated by a trained mental health professional or a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator.

The collaborative process emphasizes personal privacy, often the first casualty of a traditional divorce. Nothing is filed in the court's docket until both parties have agreed to all language in the Marital Settlement Agreement. The parties reach a mutual agreement through cooperation, rather than unnecessarily delaying the process by dwelling on differences. The collaborative process is committed to moving parties through the divorce or modification process faster than traditional litigation, which translates into a potential cost savings for the parties.

Specially trained professionals, including, attorneys, financial experts, skilled mediators and mental health professionals, work together to help you constructively arrive at a resolution.

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