"After struggling with custody issue . I felt so desperate, I spoke w many “big dog” attorneys in area so tired of the big dog attitude, I just wanted someone who at least acted like they cared! I hit the jackpot, not only did she act like she cared she absolutely made me feel cared about. She was professional and caring and very supportive. I was so relieved and shocked to have been able to find her. I drove away feeling relieved and knowing I had someone who cared and on my side." - Sandee, www.avvo.com

"Mary is Awesome !! I explained my situation to Mary, she listened with patience and a caring heart. Mary assured me that everything would be fine. Mary communicated with me frequently about the progress and the resolution of which I can say is turning out to be excellent. I would strongly recommend Mary McDaniel for her dedicated concern of your legal problems, for her patience to listen and for her strenght of confiction to resolve your legal issue. I am so very glad to be represented by Mary McDaniel!" - Howard, www.avvo.com

"After a fair amount of research I came to the conclusion that Ms.McDaniel was the most qualified for me to take my divorce case to. ... I would highly recommend her for a swift and professional experience! As an active duty military member this has been some of the best legal treatment I've encountered during my service. I would rate higher than 5 stars if able." - Casey, www.avvo.com

"Ms. McDaniel knew just what to do. I was in a custody mess. She stepped in and quickly took every step necessary to keep my family from falling apart. She was financially reasonable and treated me like I was her top priority. She kept me informed every step of the way. She is the only one I will ever trust to handle my legal needs. Hands down the best attorney ever!" - Jamie, www.avvo.com

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Mary and her team take the time to understand your situation thoroughly — not just where you are now, but your history and goals for the future. They understand what legal issues cost — not only financially, but also emotionally.

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