How can I Tell if my Spouse is Cheating?

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How can I Tell if my Spouse is Cheating?

In a marriage, cheating is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a couple. Unfortunately, it can also be challenging to uncover. If you’re concerned your spouse is having an affair, you may wonder how to find proof or reveal signs of the clandestine relationship. In this post, we’ll share a few telltale signs to look for.

Let’s dive in.

7 Signs of Adultery in Your Relationship

While the first sign of cheating is generally a gut feeling that something is just “off,” these seven signs offer some more solid proof:

1. Your spouse tells white lies 

If you’ve noticed that your spouse has started hiding or lying about small things, it’s a sign they may also be lying about larger things. While it may feel like a stretch to see white lies as the same thing as big lies, they indicate the same problematic kind of thinking.

2. Your spouse is suddenly secretive with their phone

If you’ve noticed that your spouse tends to be sneaky about their phone, it deserves some more thought. In modern affairs, cell phones are the ground zero for most things.

If your spouse suddenly starts turning their screen away from you when they text, locking their cell phone (or changing their phone passwords), or keeping their device on them at all times, it’s a red flag to pay attention to.

3. Strange new work habits

Your spouse’s regular work habits aren’t so routine anymore. If you’ve noticed your spouse has started working late, leaving for “business trips” or “entertaining clients” more frequently, it could be a sign that they’re using work as a cover for less legitimate activities.

Alternatively, your spouse may be seeing someone that they work with.

4. Your spouse suddenly has new interests

Did your spouse recently start working out daily, change the way they dress, start wearing a new scent, or take an interest in a particular band, television show, or issue?

While these things could be signs of normal growth and change in a person, they could also be a sign that your spouse’s secret relationship is starting to filter into their daily lives.

5. Your spouse starts fights more often

Cheating spouses may do all sorts of strange things to justify their behavior. One of those things is to start fights. In some cases, your spouse may be feeling guilty and may start fights as a way to off-gas some of their bad feelings.

In other cases, your spouse may hope that, by starting fights about the dishwasher or your sex life, you’ll fight back and become “the bad guy,” so your spouse can justify their bad behavior.

While normal tiffs are normal – be aware of a spouse that suddenly wants to duke it out over everything.

6. Your spouse is suddenly bad at getting back to you

If your formerly reliable spouse suddenly sucks at getting back to you when they’re out with other people, it’s a red flag to pay attention to. While your spouse may genuinely be forgetful, they may also be avoiding picking up their phone in front of their new fling.

7. Your spouse is talking in the singular

Most people who have been together for a long time naturally discuss the future in terms of the plural “we.” If your spouse suddenly starts saying things like “I this… “ or “I that…,” it could be a sign that he or she has already tuned out of the relationship and has started thinking about divorce.

Suspect Adultery? Get a Divorce Attorney

If you suspect that your spouse may be having an affair, it’s wise to trust your gut. In most cases, there’s no smoke without fire.

If your spouse has started to exhibit a behavior that no longer makes sense for you and you’re worried they’re cheating. It’s smart to get help from a skilled divorce attorney. Here at MGM Law, P.A., we’re prepared to represent you and help protect your bests interests.

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