Parenting after Divorce

Parenting after divorce Pensacola, FL

Parenting after Divorce

I’m Mary McDaniel.  If you’re divorcing with children, you’ll be co-parenting until your kids are grown.  You may be attending the same sports events, graduations, and even weddings over the course of your children’s lives.

At a minimum, you will be sharing parental responsibility which means that you and your former spouse must communicate about decisions that affect your children like education, discipline, religion, and medical issues. 

If your divorce takes a long time and is particularly or needlessly ugly, your relationship with your spouse can be so badly damaged that you aren’t able to effectively co-parent. And if you aren’t able to talk with your ex-spouse about general parenting issues, your children are going to pay a heavy price.

We know that the longer a divorce takes, the more damage it does to children.  I am committed to moving you through the divorce process as quickly as possible to minimize the damage to your children and to minimize the damage to your relationship with your spouse so that you can effectively co-parent after divorcing.

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