How to Select Your Divorce Attorney

How to select your divorce attorney Pensacola, FL

How to Select Your Divorce Attorney

The most important decision you make when you decide to get divorced is, “How do I find the right attorney for me?” My advice is this: hire an attorney that shares your values. Let me tell you what mine are. When it comes to divorce, I believe in getting people divorced quickly, and with as little conflict as possible, especially when children are involved.

I take actions that reduce, rather than exacerbate conflict, during the divorce process.  Because the more conflict that you engage in during the process with your husband or wife, the longer the process takes. And the longer it takes, the more you will spend on attorney’s fees. 

There are a lot of things that you and I, as your attorney, can do to minimize conflict to insure that your divorce doesn’t get out of hand.  I want you and your children to be happy and excited to begin a new phase after divorce. When your divorce is handled well, the transition to no longer being married and beginning to co-parent is much smoother.

Together, we can reduce your emotional and financial cost of getting divorced. Divorcing with a minimal amount of conflict not only expedites the process and saves you money, but it’s better for you, your spouse, your kids and society.

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