Pensacola Divorce Lawyer Mary G. McDaniel Now Offering Collaborative Law Divorce Representation for a Faster and Less Contentious Divorce

Mary McDaniel family attorney divorce lawyer Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Divorce Lawyer Mary G. McDaniel Now Offering Collaborative Law Divorce Representation for a Faster and Less Contentious Divorce

Pensacola, FL. – Pensacola Divorce Lawyer Mary G. McDaniel recently announced that she has added Collaborative Divorce to her existing Family Law Practice in Pensacola, FL. Collaborative law is growing rapidly in popularity across the country in response to the high financial and emotional cost of traditional divorce litigation. The concept of Collaborative Divorce aligns with Mary McDaniel’s philosophy that it is always in a couple’s best interest – especially when children are involved – that the process of divorcing is as streamlined as possible, a concept that hiring a Jacksonville family law attorney can help with. Moving through the divorce process quickly translates into fewer legal fees for each party and better outcomes. A commitment to resolve matters quickly shifts the attention of the parties from the pain and resentment that arise during the process of divorce to focusing on the outcome: the excitement of building a new and different life.

“The Collaborative Divorce Process Saves Clients Time and Money”

The Collaborative process allows couples to separate their lives in a productive and healthy manner; it is a streamlined process, significantly less contentious, and can be considerably less expensive. The process involves both parties, their collaboratively trained attorneys and a trained mental health facilitator or mediator to constructively address the financial issues including equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony, and child support and develop the parenting and timesharing plan in the best interest for the children. Best of all, the rules governing the process ensure that no additional acrimony is created during the process of separation.

“Divorce doesn’t need to be messy all the time. The collaborative divorce process allows both parties to share the fruits of their previous relationship equitably and without malice or anger. – It’s also faster and typically much less expensive than litigating, which by definition is adversarial and guaranteed to create more acrimony between parties. Stated McDaniel.

A recent survey by shows that the average cost of a divorce in the State of Florida is $13,500.00 and the average duration of the divorce process is 15 months.(1) All of the Collaborative Law divorces handled by Mary McDaniel have been completed in under a year, and most have been completed in under six months. Without exception, these cases would have resulted in legal fees far in excess of what was spent by the parties had they been litigated.

Divorce Lawyer Mary G. McDaniel has been practicing Family Law in Pensacola since 2013 and tailors her representation to fit the needs of each individual client. If you are in need of a Divorce Lawyer committed to your best interest and want to learn more about Collaborative Law, please contact Mary G. McDaniel at MGM LAW PA 4300 Bayou Blvd. Suite 37, Pensacola, FL. 32504 (850) 450-1755

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