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The decision to adopt is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and you need the right advocate by your side.  Florida law establishes a process for step parent adoptions, adoptions by close relatives, adult adoptions and open adoptions.  We have facilitated several adoptions in same-sex marriage or partnerships, and and helped individuals become a second parent to their partner’s children.

An open adoption is one in which the biological parent continues to have contact with the child after you adopt.  An alternative process for open adoptions is the collaborative adoption process, where you and the child’s mother or father are each represented by a collaboratively trained attorney committed to amicably reaching an agreement governing all post-adoption terms.  In a collaborative process, a neutral third party, usually a mental health professional or social worker, is involved to help the parties reach agreement and facilitate communication during the process.

As a family lawyer, one of my greatest pleasures is helping clients welcome a new member into their family.  I hope you’ll think of us when you are ready to adopt.

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