How much does a divorce cost?

How much does a divorce cost Pensacola, FL

How much does a divorce cost?

I’m Mary McDaniel.  All potential clients rightly want to know, in advance, how much their legal action is going to cost.  There are many factors that affect the cost of a divorce, a modification, or an adoption.  For instance, how long an action takes, who the opposing attorney is, and what outcome you are trying to achieve all affect the cost of litigation.

The longer and the more litigious the process, the more it costs. We encourage clients to keep their eye on the big picture and strategize towards finalizing a divorce as quickly as possible.  There are many things that arise during the process that cost more to fight over than it’s worth.  I don’t believe in unnecessary conflict because it creates unnecessary legal fees, not to mention, unnecessary stress for clients. 

We have systems in place specifically for the purpose of reducing our clients’ legal fees. We have a client portal and every time we take an action on your behalf, we send it to you through the portal; we provide extremely specific instructions on preparing discovery so that, if you choose, you can do much of your own leg work rather than pay us to do it; we encourage you not to use us as a therapist and to limit your phone calls and emails to communications baring on your legal case and to aggregate communications so that you don’t have to call or email us every day but perhaps send a summary email once a week.  The trick to managing your legal fees starts with hiring the right attorney for you:  one that you trust has your best interest at heart, who will stay on top of your case to keep it moving so you don’t have unnecessary delay, and who is wise enough to help you decide which issues are worth fighting over.

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