Will the court decide matters of custody for you?


Will the court decide matters of custody for you?

As a divorcing couple in Florida, matters of visitation and child custody are up to you to figure out. However, if you and your ex-spouse can’t reach a decision together, then the courts are going to take over and make one for you. Mary Gay McDaniel, P.A., is here to help prevent that.

Making a parenting plan that both of you can agree on is of crucial importance, because no one knows what is best for your child like their parents. A court usually favors joint custody, and will do their best to be an impartial third party. They will attempt to use the knowledge they learn during the case to build a plan that they think will serve the child’s best interest. But will it actually do that? No one can know for sure, but unfortunately, the court’s word is final.

In order to avoid getting into that sticky situation, you need to know how to deal with parenting time and responsibilities. Talk together with your ex-spouse. If necessary, bring in someone to mediate your discussions. Having a neutral party there to bounce ideas off of and to hear opinions from can be a big help, especially in the moments where you can’t separate your emotions from the situation. If the situation arises you may need to learn how to respond to parental alienation on both a legal and personal level. Make sure to keep level-headed through the process.

If you need help working out child custody and visitation with your ex-spouse, consider visiting our web page. We can help you achieve the outcome that will benefit your child the most, allowing you to keep the final decision from falling into the hands of the court.

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