Tips on Staying Mindful During a Divorce

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Tips on Staying Mindful During a Divorce

Divorce is, by far, one of the most challenging things a person can experience in their lifetime. Between the upheaval of your daily routine, the financial concerns, the parenting arrangements, and the emotional fallout, the breakup of a marriage can take a toll. Staying mindful can not only ease the stress, it aids your emotional health during a difficult time in your life.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help yourself cope, and staying mindful is one of the best. While it won’t erase the situation, mindfulness can decrease stress and help you stay present throughout the ordeal.

Here are our top tips:

5 Tips to Protect Your Emotional Health During a Divorce

Whether your divorce is already contentious, or things seem relatively amicable, these five tips can help you stay sane and healthy until the final paperwork is signed:

1. Ask for support

Asking for support can be difficult during a divorce, especially since many people experience a complex cocktail of shame, regret, and sadness. Right now, though, support is critical. Be intentional about seeking help from the people you trust in your life. This could mean leaning on friends, talking to trusted family members, or enlisting a professional therapist to help you cope.

2. Stay present with your kids

Children are often accidental victims of divorce. As feelings flare and things get heated, kids inadvertently become the “prize” in the divorce settlement – everyone wants as much time with them as possible.

The fallout, however, is that children frequently feel confused, placed in the middle, and sad. To help them cope, and to make sure you’re maximizing the impact of your parenting time, be as present as possible while you’re with them.

Implement a “no screens” rule during your time together and do things your children like. This is a simple tip, but it will help protect the emotional health of everyone involved.

3. Practice self-care

Good self-care is critical during a divorce. Instead of numbing the pain with depressants like drugs and alcohol, focus on taking care of your body and mind. Stay hydrated, get plenty of exercise, feed yourself well, minimize screen time, and prioritize sleep.

Self-care is one of the best ways to manage stress and minimize the turbulence of this moment.

4. Be mindful of your media consumption

Most of us are tempted to “tune out” with some TV or iPhone scrolling during stressful times. And who can blame us? In addition to the fact that our devices are always available, it can feel nice to have a break from our thoughts.

Still, the dose makes the poison. While some media consumption will help us stay informed, too much can contribute to depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. Limit these impacts by keeping screen time to less than two hours each day.

5. Focus on the future

Instead of dwelling in the past and rehashing your relationship with your spouse, start making plans for the future. If you moved, stay busy decorating and settling into your new home. Think about taking a class, learning a new language, or planning a fun trip. Movement is key, and through and forward are the only ways out of a divorce.

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