How is Child Support Determined in Florida?

how is child support determined in Florida
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How is Child Support Determined in Florida?

As you navigate separation and divorce, understanding child support is critical. If you’re getting divorced in Pensacola or the surrounding areas, the state will calculate your child support obligation according to the parameters set forth by established child support laws. These same laws also serve as the baseline for child support modification action down the road.

Here’s what you need to know about child custody laws in Florida. And what you can expect from your child custody arrangement.

Factors That Impact Child Support in Florida

If you want to learn more about child support statutes in Florida, you’ll need to consult Section 61.30 of the laws. This segment breaks down the factors that determine child support amount in the state, including:

  • Gross income.

  • Allowable deductions from gross income.

  • The needs of the child or children.

  • Child’s age, station in life, the standard of living.

  • The financial status and ability of each parent.

  • And more.

For a full breakdown of how the state determines child support amounts, you can consult the statutes. Or hire a family law attorney who can help guide you through the law.

Is There a Max Child Support Payment Amount in Florida?

Since Florida considers both spouses’ incomes and a variety of other factors when determining child support, it’s reasonable to wonder whether there is a maximum child support cap in the state.

While there is technically no maximum child support cap in the state of Florida, parents should factor in several things. For example; the average cost of raising the child over a month’s time, including food, housing, clothing, activities, and daycare costs.

In cases where one or both parties make a sizable monthly income, the child support obligation will be the minimum support amount determined by statute guidelines. Plus an additional percentage.

 The Florida Child Support Calculator can help you get a rough estimate of your support obligation.

Additionally, child support guidelines provide for health insurance. The amounts associated with health insurance policies are factored in after the base support amount is calculated. It then will be paid to the parent with primary physical custody.

Understanding Your Child Support Arrangement

Knowing how much you can plan to pay and receive in child support is an essential part of the divorce process. In addition to allowing you to plan your financial life, knowing this figure also helps you prepare for the wellbeing of the child. As well as ensuring that you’re meeting all of his or her needs, even after your separation.

Since child support can be so challenging to determine, it helps to work with a skilled family law attorney who will walk you through the process. Here at MGM Law, P.A., our team works with families to streamline separation and divorce and ensure child custody arrangements always fundamentally support the needs of the child.

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