Property Division

Your property settlement is one of the most important elements of your divorce. It will set the foundation for your future after the divorce. It is critical that you assemble a complete picture of your finances before you begin your divorce, to ensure that you have an accurate picture of your full marital property.

Dividing assets and debts in divorce

With a property division, you or the court will divide the assets and debts of your marriage. This process puts together the income of the couple and their assets, including real estate, businesses, investment property and even their retirement accounts, and balances them against the debts and expenses.

This can be a challenging and contentious process. Often, both sides want to come out ahead, while the Florida court is obligated to create an equitable distribution. There may be child custody and child support issues mixed into this process, making for a complex and emotionally charged arena. At MGM Law, P.A., our attorney is well-positioned to help you with every part of this process, from the most basic to the most complex property division.

Divorce and a High Net Worth

Our lawyer knows how to analyze an income statement and balance sheet and how to look beyond the numbers to analyze if income, expenses and miscellaneous costs truly add up. If a spouse owns or is involved in a business, there is always the potential for under-reporting or misrepresentation.

We understand the importance of the final divorce property settlement and that "equitable" does not always mean 50-50. And we know how to make the arguments with facts and figures that account for all the elements of a financial transaction to ensure that an equitable settlement really is fair.

We also know that it must be done accurately the first time. When the final order for your divorce's property division is entered with a court, your property settlement is final. Unless you can prove your spouse deliberately misled you and provided fraudulent numbers, a court is very unlikely to permit you to modify your property settlement.

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