What I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Married

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What I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Married

Are you thinking of getting married? Have you heard horror stories of divorce and relationships gone south? As virtually anyone who has been married will tell you, the choice to wed comes with some good things and some serious compromises. While the divorce rate decreased by 18% between 2008 and 2016, the marriage rate is also declining, indicating that more people are deciding marriage isn’t right for them.

No matter where you are with the process, though, being informed is the best way to make sure this life-altering decision is something you want and are ready for.

5 Essential Things to Know About Marriage

Getting married is a huge decision, and if you’re not careful, it can be a painful one. While being cynical doesn’t help, there are a few things you can know about matrimony before you take the leap:

1. You can Never Assume People Will Change

As a general rule, people don’t change that much throughout their lifetimes. Sure, people can have significant shifts in perspective and values, but it’s never safe to assume this will happen. If your partner is unfaithful now, assume he will always be unfaithful. If she has a drinking problem now, don’t expect it to change after you say “I do.”

2. Communication is Essential

Lots of people think they can sustain a marriage without ever really learning to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you keep things from your partner now, it’s only going to cause problems down the road.

Want your marriage to be successful? You have to learn to put things out in the open – especially when they’re thoughts, feelings, actions, or realities that have an impact on your relationship. If you’ve never had frank conversations about kids, money, sex, in-laws, and careers, those are must-dos before you walk down the aisle.

3. The Little Things add up

Over decades with someone, the little things you do start to add up. This is true for both good and bad things. For example, fixing a cup of coffee for your spouse every morning becomes a comforting gesture of love over time.

Likewise, scrolling through Twitter while your spouse is talking eventually solidifies into feelings of resentment and rejection. If you want a successful marriage, be mindful of the little things. They matter more than you might think.

4. You Need to Understand What Marriage Means to You, and Your Partner

Marriage is such a societal expectation that most people walk into it without really thinking about what it means for them. So it’s no surprise that relationships tend to blow up when couples encounter hard things like addiction, deaths in the family, or infidelity.

Before you get married, talk with your potential spouse about why you’re both making the decision. What do you expect from the marriage? What does the “worse” in for better or worse mean to you? And what are the behaviors that you both see as deal-breakers down the road? While it can be tough to have these conversations, it may save you from needing a divorce attorney down the road.

5. Marriage Changes Things

Regardless of whether you have children together or have been cohabitating for ten years before saying “I do,” marriage will change things. It’s a legal and emotional contract you’re entering into, and it profoundly alters the DNA of most relationships.

Going From Single to Married – the Smart Way

Getting married can be a joyful experience, but it’s also something to enter with caution. Nobody wants to get divorced, and knowing what you want and expect from marriage before you say your vows is essential to a long, healthy partnership.

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