Collaborative Parenting

and Timesharing

Working in the the best interest of the child

The best interest of the child is the court's primary concern. It is always in the child's best interest for a couple to resolve their differences as quickly and amicably as possible. The longer a divorce takes the harder it is on the child. Even though the marital relationship is dissolved, a parent will always be a parent. MGM Law, P.A. believes it is extremely important to minimize conflict during a divorce so that the parents' relationship isn't so damaged that they can't constructively parent after the divorce. If parents after a divorce cannot figure out how to put their child's needs first and their disagreements aside, the child will pay the price.

At MGM Law, P.A., we work tirelessly for our clients' children. We know the benefit from maintaining a constructive relationship with an ex-spouse. This is a significant reason why we support the collaborative divorce process, since it is designed to reduce conflict and create a productive environment for negotiating the settlement.

parenting and timesharing

The best plan for your child is one that both parents develop. No one knows or cares about your child like you do. Working in a collaborative setting to develop a parenting plan is a creative and productive proccess. Both collaborative attorneys and the mediator or mental health professional are trained in developing parenting and timesharing plans and can assist you in coming up with some ideas you may not have thought about, or, that if you were to litigate, may not even be an option. A parenting and timesharing plan that both parents develop and agree on is a plan is likely to be followed by the parties and less likely to be challenged by either party in the future.

When the court decides child custody

If parents cannot agree on a parenting and timesharing plan the court will impose one. Because the court doesn't know you or your child, you will likely end up with a plan that does not take into consideration all of your or your child's many unique preferences and needs.

As parents, you know what will work best for your child, which is why you want to set aside your personal feelings and put together a parenting plan that is really in your child's best interest. You have to remember that while you can legally divorce your spouse, they will always remain your child's other parent.

The court will always use the best interests of the child standard in making every decision pertaining to the child. Pensacola family law and divorce attorney Mary McDaniel can explain the statutory factors a court will look at to determine whether a plan meets this standard. Working collaboratively, it may be much easier to achieve what is truly in the best interests of your child.

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