If you have been a victim of domestic violence, you can obtain an injunction or restraining order that will prohibit another party from contacting you in any way. Injunctions are orders by a court that require an individual to do something or refrain from doing something.

Florida Domestic Violence Injunctions

In the context of intimate partner or domestic violence, the injunction can force an abuser to leave your family home and cease all contact with you. They can be prohibited from calling, texting, emailing or even being within a specified distance of your person. If you have fears about your safety, our attorney at MGM Law, P.A., can help you file for an injunction with a court in Escambia or Santa Rosa counties.

An injunction can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary Injunction

A temporary injunction can be issued on an emergency basis and you need not testify. However, you must provide credible facts that would lead a judge to conclude that you face an immediate and present danger. This order can demand that an alleged abuser leave your home, not contact you or your children, and pay temporary child support.

If a judge grants the temporary order, it will be in force for 15 days. At that time, you will need to present evidence of the abuse and immediate danger to the judge.

Permanent Injunction

At a hearing for the permanent injunction, the alleged abuser presumably would appear and oppose the injunction, and we will be ready to present compelling reasons why the judge should grant the injunction. Our lawyer knows how serious these situations can be. We will work with you to create a strong case for your protection.

Contact Us if you need an immediate injunction

Filing an injunction often demands immediate attention. To speak with our attorney and find out the steps you need to take to obtain an injunction order, contact at our Pensacola office at 850-450-1755.

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