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Mary McDaniel is here to guide you through your family law issues and advise you on the best course of action for you and your children.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful or useful during the course of your case.

 Escambia County Clerk of Court

Escambia County Family Law Forms

Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court

Santa Rosa County Family Law Forms

Okaloosa County Clerk of Court

Okaloosa County Family Law Forms

Divorce and Money in Florida: Why and when you should hire an attorney. Who should keep the house? What about splitting other assets?

General Child Support - Florida - Learn about the process of requesting and obtaining child support.

Florida Department of Revenue - Child Support Amounts - The amount of child support is based on guidelines defined in Florida law as determined by the Florida Department of Revenue.

Domestic Violence Injunction Case Management Guidelines for the State of Florida

Florida Courts Family Law Forms for self-represented litigants

Self Help Centers Near You - Access information regarding local self-help programs. The map is divided by judicial circuit. For a list of counties within each circuit, visit the circuit courts page.

Establishing Paternity in Florida -Administrative Establishment of Paternity or Paternity and Support is a simplified method to establish paternity and support orders. It is an alternative to the judicial method and cannot be used for cases that already have an existing judicial order. The Department of Revenue (DOR) determines if the case will proceed in the administrative process.

Florida KidCare - Florida KidCare offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18 through the state of Florida, even if one or both parents are working.